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What is the Ghost eShop ?

Ghost eShop Alternative, as its name says is an eshop 3DS Alternative allowing you to get all your 3DS games, see more... Straight from the console.

Who is the creator ?

The creator of this project is Ghost0159, but now Ghost eShop is maintained by Ghost eShop Team

Is Ghost eShop like freeshop ?

For a simple user, Ghost eShop could be like freeshop, because it allows to get all your games for free, but it does not have at all the same mode of operation is not powered by Nintendo, as was the freeshop thanks to the titles keys, for more details on freeshop, see here.

Why create Ghost eShop ?

Ghost eShop was creating basic, just like temp, but seeing that this one interested quite a lot of people, I decided to continue it, to improve it, in order to arrive at what you can have today.

What is the relationship between the Ghost eShop, Ghost eShop Team and Universal-Team, Universal-Updater ?

Universal-Updater of Universal-Team, during these old versions supported simple JSON scripts, so Ghost eShop was only a simple script, then it evolved into . unistore, so you can add the sprites. And then, there was the creation of the fork of Universal-Updater, at the moment, Ghost eShop is still a fork, on which we add improvements, such as the size of the games in the description of them, the additionel contents, more translation...

In short, if you want more information about Universal-Updater, which I recall and against ghost eShop and thus against the original idea of Ghost eShop. So for more information follow this link.

Can I add games myself ?

No, it is impossible for you to even add one or more games, but nevertheless, you can always ask from this form server that this or that game be added.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact the creator of this project, and thus the highest ranking of this project, for that you can contact him by email.

You can of course discuss with the Ghost eShop team via the discord available just below this page.

ScreenShot of Ghost eShop


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